Monday, 6 February 2012

Michael Kors Fever

Last week I have been shopping with my little sister (now 21! :) ), I showed her "amazing new watch that i HAVE to buy".

 My love (read obsession) with Michael Kors watch didn’t come just overnight.. I love to visit various fashion blogs/ sites and tumblr. I have noticed that there is particular watch circulating on those sites.. Its Michael Kors Golden watch, to be honest the design is not that special or particular beautiful.. but because mass of people have made a huge hype around it.. I guess I want to be part of it : ) I know it’s terrible.. And I didn’t realise it until I went shopping with my little sister. Let me tell you about her, she is beautiful, smart and has amazing figure. The thing about her is that she never follows the mass. She wears clothes that suit her best and it doesn’t matter whether its from high street or couture...  yes she is like that: )

So when she , read not infected with this hype, saw this watch she asked me why i liked it so much. As the design wasn’t  special and looked a lot like a Guess watch..  What can i say it was a reality check for me... That was when I realized that I don’t really NEED that watch, however I had already ordered one:)

So what do you think about this watch and hype around it?

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  1. I think you should wear the watch, because even if its not that are..which means you will make it special :)

    P.S. Your sister sounds awesome