Saturday, 5 March 2011

Most expensive cities in the world. 2009

As  a result of the another research of Mercer company, the Tokyo is most expensive city in the world. Same research in 2008 showed that  the most expensive city in the world was Moscow. The researches connect changes in the rating with financial crisis and falling exchange rate of dollar.

Further 20 most expensive cities of the world 2009:
Dubai, UAE 20
 Helsinki, Finland 19
 Rome, Italy 18
 Tel Aviv, Israel 17
 London, United Kingdom 16
 Caracas, Venezuela 15
 Oslo, Norway 14
 Paris, France 13
 Shanghai, China 12
 Milan, Italy 11
 Singapore, Singapore 10
 Beijing, China 9
New York, USA 8 
 Copenhagen, Denmark 7
 Zurich, Switzerland 6
 Hong Kong 5
 Geneva, Switzerland 4
 Moscow, Russia 3
 Osaka, Japan 2
 Tokyo, Japan 1

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cat Fight: Ciara vs Rihanna

It's not often that celebrities say what they REALLY think of one another.
But pop stars Rihanna and Ciara held nothing back as they embarked on a vicious war of words on Twitter.

Ciara and Rihanna 

Ciara and Rihanna started online battle on twitter. source  How come that celebrities actually can freely access their twitter account, where is their PR manager?

Furthermore, who cares who said what? The real question here is , who is hotter? Ciara looks very gorgeous and "natural" and Rihanna looks like a teenager who had too much to drink and too much to prove to people.