Monday, 28 February 2011

And the Oscar goes to....

The biggest winners are:
- The King's Speech
- Inception
- Black Swan
- Social Network
- The Fighter

picture source: Dailymail

The Kings Speech is a very interesting and bit historical movie. I liked it, it is not "typical" movie we see on screen (read: action, fight and sex). No, this movie actually tells a story. Before the Oscars, many have speculated that the Social Network would be the big winner on the Oscars. I think it so unfair to give any Oscar to this movie; it was such a boring movie. There was no spectacular play by actors and the story itself is not that interesting. The fighter on other hand was also a very interesting and unusual movie. I loved how Christian Bale plaid in the movie. It’s totally worth to watch. Black Swan, I have nothing positive to say about this movie. I barely could watch the half of it and then I gave up.

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  1. So happy that King's Speech won for best picture.