Thursday, 25 November 2010

Finance and Management Graduate : Looking for a job..

 You always get from your parents the following sentence  " Go study and you will have a bright future"! Yah, even I say that often to all my friends and family. Now I am in the situation that I cant explain, I have been studying at school and the university, have pretty good marks but no job.. How come? May be its the fact that I just graduated on the wrong time?  It’s pretty hard to find a job in a completely new country and new environment. I have always worked part-time during my studies, as financial administrator at the bank and as junior project manager at the university.  Now, I have applied for many jobs and waiting for the results. On Tuesday I have applied for a graduate position within Phillips in UK and Frankie Haste will decide whether I get the job or not. Dear Frankie if you read this, give me a chance and I will prove you have made a great choice!        

p.s. If you have any suggestions or information that can help me to get a job, please let me know! 

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