Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Why it is ok to have a lazy day

8 Reasons Why You Should Have Lazy Tuesday!

1. After hard working on Monday, after Surviving Monday, YOU Deserve to rest.

2. When you decide to Have Lazy Tuesday, IT gives you Right to Reset Your MIND and Relax!!!!
3.Next day you will have far more energy as you had relaxed the day before.

4. YOu Should not think about stuff you have to do, forget about it, because its lazy Tuesday!

5. Sometimes its just nice, to lay back and DO nOTHING, why? Simply, Because U CAN!

6. IF you feel guilty about relaxing, and you don't like the term " LAZY TUESDAY", you also can call it, >QUALITY TIME < , that is how " big people " call it and scientists

7. You can watch youR Favourite movie 

8. Go clubbing during the WEEK!

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